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How to NEVER loose all your contacts again!

This post will be simple, I dont want to waste your time or mine, so I will just link you to google’s page. All you need is a gmail account, and an iPhone and you can save and sync your contacts on any device. This works with Berry’s and almost any smartphone on the market as well. You are welcome. 😉



And there you go, simple and easy and your contacts will forever be stored in your gmail.

Auto Correct/ Space Bar Double

Tap, Error Fix

If you use certain 3rd party SMS apps, QuickSMS, MySMS, iRealSMS, BiteSMS, etc, you will notice that sometimes you have the ocasional bugginess that comes with 3rd party Cydia apps. They are to be expected, and the solution is usually a quick respring of the device.

But as of yesterday, respringing the device has not been working for me. I do not ever install an auto-correction toggle for my iPhone. And I am completly dependant on ‘double tap for a period’ function. But the last two days, system wide, these nifty little functions of the iPhone OS have not been working correctly. Especially after a bug in my QuickSMS app, that makes the phone respring itself for seemingly no reason.

I tried everything I could think of to fix this issue. At first I thought that maybe it was my Lea Theme keyboard I have applied in Winterboard. Not the case, I tried turning the phone off and on again, instead of respringing it. Didnt help. So what did I do? I just installed a SBSetting Auto Correction toggle from Cydia. And viola! Fixed both isses, no problem. Just launch SBSettings, toggle off auto correction, then turn it back on, and it should work fine.

Just a small fix to a really annoying problem. Leave some feedback in the comments about what bugs you have had with this function of iPhone OS.

PwnZone Cydia Repo

If you have not already, add the pwnzone source for Cydia. I have uploaded some cool packages, one theme and a bunch of ringtones so far. Go to add more package sources on the Cydia homescreen and look for pwncenter. Add it and you have access to a lot of cool packages. Or type the source in manually:


You Wish Your iPhone Looked Like This

This is everything I run from Cydia. Make sure you install BossPrefs and SBSettings first thing after jailbreaking. Any things that have a toggle in either, you MUST install before the toggle or switch.

All Sources
Auto SSH
– Safari DL plugin
-Fast Notes
–iMobilecinema SBSettings switch (after you install imobilecinema)
Five Icon Dock
iRealSMS (get from xsellize repo, add serial code from my website, and it should just work with winerboard 🙂
Mobile Finder
Mobileinstalation Patch
Processes (install after SBSettings)
Safari Download Plugin
-Safari DL plugin BossPreffs toggle
Videorecorderfor3G (get from xsellize repo, already cracked)

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Ultimate iRealSMS Crack/ Mod

I have a cracked version of iRealSMS version Now I have finally figured out how to get your keyboard/ keyboard sounds to work without having to modify .artwork files or anything else.

EDIT: This will enable winterboard with iRealSMS and any UI/ Keyboard/ Sound/ Theme you have applied will apply to iRealSMS just like other apps in your iPhone.

Download these files:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ptwvl

SSH the files in Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries, Set Permissions to 0755.

Install iRealSMS 2 from the xSellize repo. Open , then : purchase – activate – activate and enter code.
The code to enter:

It’s case-sensitive!

What I did was upgrade via cydia/changes/ iRealSMS. After I upgraded, the crack did not work anymore. I tried to replace the .app folder, .plist, and the dynamic library files that were cracked. After two resprings iReal just would not open. It crashed every time. I uninstalled it, and installed the older version ( from the xSellize repo. I then ssh’d the SerialFaker.plist, SerialFaker.dylib, and iRealSMS.dylib files to the correct locations, and then replaced the background pics, and one of the balloons. All of the sudden, my Storm key clicks, and black keyboard just showed up and started working. I guess updating the app, then removing it, and reinstalling the cracked older version re enabled the hook into winterboard. You shouldn’t even have to enter the serial code again after doing it the first time.

NOTE: If you don’t see an update in Cydia for iRealSMS after installing the cracked version, then you will need these files:


(The reason the entire app is themed with black and purple is because I replaced the other.artwork file (Thanks to Ice9812) which themes my entire phone system in purple/black. But with this method any UI Theme will now theme iRealSMS!)

Here are some screenies:



Also, iBlacklist disables the quick reply feature of iRealSMS, which allows you to reply to text messages from within any app!
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iRealSMS Mod


I have tried all the sms programs out there, BiteSMS, MySMS, and my personal favorite iRealSMS. The only problem with iRealSMS is that it does not hook into winterboard. So you cannot use your keyboard, key click sounds, or apply a cool png file behind your speech bubbles. Now I pretty much only type in landscape mode, so it is important for me to be able to use iRealSMS. And if you are anything like me, this is the only app in your entire phone that is not customized in some way.

I am going to show you how to partially theme this app. Please keep in mind that I am not a graphic artist in anyway. That is why this is only partially themed. If you are a graphic artist and would like to tinker with iRealSMS to allow full themes to be applied, please do. I would really like to use my Storm clicks and Chromium Keyboard, not to mention make all the status bars black, or any other color scheme to match my phone. I know from doing the research that A LOT of people want to theme this app, you would be a hero, kind of.

What you need to do is install iRealSMS from Cydia, then go to iFortnerForums.com and sign up. Under written tutorials, you can find a working serial code to activate the app instead of paying for it. If you have done all this then pay no mind. Or if you paid for the app, too bad for you!

SSH the app out of your phone, inside the folder ‘irealsms.app’ there are four files you can swap out to customize the look of your texts. I tried to change other files and they did not seem to work. The files you can change are:





The Balloon files are the actual “bubbles” your text will appear in. Make sure that the two bubbles themselves are facing in opposite direction, as they would appear in the actual text message.

The background_conversation file is the picture that will appear behind your “bubbles” in the actual text message.

The background_SMSfolder file is the background behind the in/outbox section of the app.

Now because I am not a graphic artist, I found SMS themes for the native SMS app in Cydia, and used the Balloon files from those themes that matched the rest of the color scheme I have throughout my phone already. The file I used to replace the other two background files was just an abstract background I found online. Keep in mind, the background file will ‘smooch’ when you rotate the phone into landscape mode. I would suggest using some sort of abstract background pic so when it distorts, it still looks cool. J Just gather all the replacement files, replace the stock ones, and that is it. You will have a much better looking iRealSMS experience.

Here are some screenies:

Here is what it could look like if you replace the Balloon and background .png files. (notice how the pic tends to “smoosh” in landscape mode:



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Jaiilbreak iJustine!

We all pretty much know who iJustine is, and I will admit I am somewhat of a fan. I don’t really mind looking at her either. Let’s face it, she is cute. There is just one thing I would like to see happen though. I would like to see that iPhone of hers get jailbroken. I am going to help make that happen.

I do not do the whole ‘new year’s resolution’ thing every year. I never stick to them, never follow through. And I dam sure don’t ever quit smoking. But this is something I think I can accomplish, from my iPhone, computer, or anywhere really. I can make sure I remind iJustine that she should jailbreak that virgin iPhone of hers.

Here is how I started this monumental resolution that will change the face of the Earth as we know it:


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Video Tutorials


How to Jailbreak & Unlock 2.2

How to SSH your iPhone with WinSCP


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